Art Goes Kapakka

Art Goes Kapakka – Artmeliers

You can’t really go wrong, when you combine art performances with customised drink recommendations, can you? Art Goes Kapakka 2020 festival in cooperation with Hartwall did just that and with our help managed to utilize festival partnership in a new and unique way. During these times it is extremely important to support art, restaurants and live events.

Art Goes Kapakka is a city festival, which brings art performances to different pubs and bars in Helsinki. In order to make the experience even more special for the participants, Hartwall wanted to use their knowledge and create specific drink recommendations for each performance. We brought together three professionals from different industries and a group of experts, called “Artmeliers”, was formed.

The chosen “Artmeliers” were Jussi Heikelä (reporter, host), Olavi Uusivirta (musician, art expert) and Maria Markus (sommelier, drink expert). Together they created drink recommendations for each art performance before the festival, but they also participated in the live events to share their recommendations. Their help was well received and attendants were able to lift their festival experiments to another level. From these live events we captured still and video materials and used Art Goes Kapakka’s, Hartwall’s and Artmelier’s social media channels to tell the story to even wider audience.

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  • Event production
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